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Conservation Voters of SC endorse Jerry

The Conservation Voters of South Carolina have endorsed Jerry Carter for the Republican nomination for the Third District State House seat.

“Preserving the beauty and nature of Pickens County is something that we all should realize is vital to the well-being of our families’ futures,” Carter said. “That is something I strongly believe and am proud the Conservation Voters see that too.”

One of Carter’s key campaign issues is clean drinking water. For several years, problems associated with drinking water for communities served by small utilities in much of South Carolina have increased. Problems have been detected with crumbling pipelines and the inability by some small municipalities to keep toxins and bacteria out of the water.

The Rural Infrastructure Authority was created in 2010 to approve loans for water and sewer projects in South Carolina.

“This was a positive step for the state of South Carolina, but this problem will continue to increase as more demands are placed on our water systems as our population continues to grow and the systems being utilized to provide for safe, potable water continue to deteriorate,” Carter said.

Conservation Voters of South Carolina fights for air, water, land and energy through political action. They are a bipartisan political action committee that holds legislators accountable for their conservation votes and actions.

Endorsements are the foundation of the group’s political work, and endorsement decisions help frame the conservation debate. They reward pro-conservation candidates and put candidates who are hostile or indifferent to environmental issues on notice.

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