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Legislative Update -- January 2022

Legislative Update As we start 2022, I would like to provide an update on recent actions with the South Carolina Legislature.


The South Carolina House and Senate have recently completed the process or redistricting as the result of the recent census. South Carolina grew by 10.7% and District 3 grew by 7%. In order to comply with the recommended population range of approximately 41,700 individuals per district, District 3 was compressed and nearly 3,000 individuals will be moved to District 1 and will be represented by Representative William “Bill” Whitmire.

Congratulations to Senator Alexander

Senator Thomas Alexander has been elected as the President of the South Carolina Senate. Senator Alexander has served Oconee County and Pickens County since 1994 and has chaired numerous Senate committees. Senator Alexander’s experience and leadership will greatly benefit the citizens of District 3 as it will for all South Carolina citizens.

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