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Please take care

This is a message about Covid-19. All South Carolinians need to be following safe distancing practices; washing your hands and wearing masks when needed.

Those are the basics, but we all can be doing more.

  • Show compassion. Many people are hurting. Now is the not the time to start arguments for the sake of starting arguments. Now is the time to come together. Help. Support. Be kind. We all can be helping to relieve the stressors affecting us all.

  • Support your local businesses. The communities in District 3 are facing serious financial hardships in the coming months. We likely not going to be seeing Clemson football this year as we know it. That is going to be a major financial impact. Remember that.

  • Be proud. This an extremely trying time, but it is not the worst we have ever faced as a state or as a nation. We can and we will prosper.

My hope for everyone in the Third District, Pickens County, the State of South Carolina and our entire country to be well and stay safe.

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